Welcome to my personal portfolio

my name is

Tamás Krmpotity

Couple of words about me


I was born in 1972 in Subotica, former Yugoslavia, now known as Serbia, where I finish my elementary and high school education.

 From the early days, I shown great interesting in IT. My first computer was Atari 800XL witch I get in 1985 for Christmas.  Because of country I lived, and of course the lack of Internet it was very difficult to get software for computers. Only couple of cassettes shown in market, and those was pretty much all games. It was much easier to get hands on books and learn programing.

 Today I’m steel interested in IT, mostly in networking, graphics design, video editing and UX/UX design.

Over time I have acquired a couple of certifications, from field what I love to do.

 I am open to studying new and interesting topics, as well as following current trends in the subjects listed above.

My certifications